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Some would describe us as an independent bottler, but we prefer the description of independent Scotch Whisky and Original Fine Art Company.

While there are many fine independent bottlers in the Scotch Whisky industry, our point of difference is that we combine Fine Scotch Whisky with Fine Art.

Through the pairing of the two elements, we take you on a unique journey to the heart of Scotland, to the place of a fine single malt’s creation, through Cask and Canvas.

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A collaboration like no other

You may ask yourself “what do whisky and art have in common?” Our belief is that each Scotch whisky is synonymous with a place. That place itself gives the whisky its unique character – through the soil, water and air to the malted barley at the heart of the product – and that has enormous power in our imagination.

An artist who has a strong connection or empathy with the place a whisky is born creates their artistic impression of that place’s character. In doing so, they are creating an emotional bridge between the whisky’s home and you. From anywhere in the world, we will transport you to the home of whisky.

Connecting with artists

We take as much care in selecting an artist as we do in selecting a cask of single malt for bottling.

Finding artists with a connection to a whisky and the place of its origin is a crucial element in our search for creative collaborators. Our Commissioning Artist and Art Director, Nichol Wheatley, helps us make those connections through his extensive network of talented artists – some up-and-coming and some well-established.

When we have a cask we’d like to bottle, we talk with Nichol about the essential character of the distillery of itself, the place it resides and consider if there is an artist with a connection who is inspired to capture this character and complement the whisky.

It’s a collaborative, creative and exciting process – especially when the artist and whisky come together to create something remarkable.

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The finished product

Once the painting is completed, we create the labelling for our whisky bottling using the beautiful artwork and commission a series of prints – the exact same number as the number of bottles extracted from the chosen whisky cask. There will be a signed limited edition of the print accompanying each bottle.

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